The Art of Asking Yourself “Why”?

Most often we do the same thing again and again without asking ourselves “Why are we doing the same thing again every time?”.  Often we commit same mistake every time and we never ask ourselves “Why are we committing the same mistake every time?”.  It is very usual for a common man to repeat or follow without asking any questions. Most of the times we live a life without paying much attention to the surroundings or situations which needs to be questioned. It may be because we are so busy with our daily lives or we are happy with what we have. image

Asking a question “Why” is an art. Because if we ask/frame question in a right format, you will find right answer. Otherwise we will get a wrong one. For example, if we are always late to office because we wake up late in the morning. If we ask ourselves the question why am I not able to wake up early in the morning, you will find a right reason/answer based on which you can change your life style accordingly and you can wake up early. Instead if we ask why should I wake up early just to go office, you will end up with an inappropriate reason/answer or an excuse to wake up late. So, it is very important to learn the art of asking question in a right way.

  • What would have happened if Newton also took apple that fell on his head and eat it instead of asking why it always fell on the earth?
  • What would have happened if Archimedes did not notice why the water would splash out of his tub the moment he stepped into it and just had a bath like everyone?
  • What would have happened great leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela did not question the slavery?

Likewise, if all the great scientists, leaders and philosophers in the world would not have questioned themselves “why?” definitely we should not have been in such advanced stage as we are now. They all have asked/framed question in a right way and at a right time and they got the answers on how to proceed. They lived and died like any other human being on this earth. But what made them special is they questioned the pattern or custom or ideology which others have ignored or did not pay attention to it.


See with your brain's eye

Imagine you are working in a job which you do not like and you are scared to move out of the job to search another. If you ask the question “Why I am scared to search for new opportunity?”, you might get a right answer. It may be because your skills are weak in some areas or obsolete and you might need to take sometime to brush them or join some course to improve. This will give you positive impact in your life and also improves your approach in solving the problems. If you do not question yourself and continue, you will end up being a jobless because of degradation in your performance at work place due to your hatred feelings for the current job. We should not forget the phrase “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Be patient in your current job till you improve your situation according to the direction found from your question and then leave professionally for your benefit.

All human beings are not capable of inventing something new or can think out of box and be different from the rest of the world. All are not capable of doing everything that every other person can do. Everybody have their own limitations. So, if we ask ourselves why something in our life is following a certain pattern (bad situations, wrong thinking), you will definitely get answers. Some answers portray our weak points, some shows the ways to improve or overcome and some proves that we cannot overcome it. But overall we get a sense of direction on how to proceed further rather than making our lives miserable.

If you get an answer from your question that you cannot overcome a particular situation, at least you will prepare to face it. This gives you to accept what you are and helps in not comparing with others. At the end of the day, it is “you” who matters most for “you”. Everything else comes after “you”. Love to question the situations, ideologies, circumstances on your surroundings and in your personal life. This would give you answers and makes you to be distinct and unique among the others. This would make you love yourself of what you are and what you do. Otherwise, you will end up hating the situations and yourself without understanding the problem in a right way and without understanding your limitations.

Human brain is capable of doing wonders if we always give keep it busy with the right questions and tasks. Everyone is unique and gifted with something which any other person on this earth do not have. If we ask right questions, we can utilize the gift in  a proper manner and at the end lead a happy and accomplished life.  So, do not forget to question it if it is something that does not give you happiness or satisfaction and do not afraid to face the answer for your questions if you get a bitter one. Instead, think about the alternatives and find a solution. Life is like an ocean with infinite opportunities if we question and think in a right way. Otherwise, life looks like sitting in a dark room which is locked and no where to go.